A Song of Ice & Fire: Turning Tides

Planning Status of ASIF:TT

Call for Players

Soliciting online players for ASIF:TT.

The premise is wide-open at this time so that a group of 3-5 players (excl. GM) can develop the game as they would like to. The overarching decisions to make as a group will include:

1. When in the ASIF universe would the campaign begin? (Ex: Game of Thrones; Clash of Kings; Storm of Swords; Feast of Crows-Dance of Dragons/Post-DoD)

2. Should plot focus on a singular house/faction as is expected of typical ASIF games or permit a broader array of characters uniting to accomplish a particular purpose (ex: players supportive of House Targaryen vs. players of different houses uniting to take down a house)

3. How closely the events of the show/book should be adhered to or otherwise affect the game? (ex: whether the players change course of book/show core storylines such as saving Eddard Stark)

4. How often the game will be played?

If interested in playing, please message me your interest, and hopefully we’ll get things up and running within a month.



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